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A Moment in the sun

"Handel’s Sonata a 5 which was in all but name a violin concerto for Tognetti. He wasn’t the only one to have his moment in the sun here: the lutenist Axel Wolf improvised a series of links between the sustained chords in the second movement."

A Magical Solo

"Guest musician German lutenist Axel Wolf wove a magical solo around Lezhneva in the final encore."

Australian Chamber Orchestra in Perth

"Axel Wolf´s playing was like a silver thread trough the evening!

Friends of the Lute - gramophone

...a Baroque jam session...

Reviving Platti

"With magisterial surety Wolf strides across Platti’s bass lines while embroidering the chordal fabric with clever melodic skeins ingeniously complementing the cello’s phrases."

Platti - 6 Sonatas for Cello

"basso continuo -  imaginatively and sensitively realised on lute and theorbo by Axel Wolf"

With soft airiness and acoustical fragility
Musiksommer Loisachtal, Berg
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 22. Juni 2004, Udo Watter

A Few Thoughts on Axel Wolf and Johann Sebastian Bach.
Johann Sebastian Bach. Music for Lute. Axel Wolf, Laute. Edition Raumklang, RK 2203 (April 2004)

Music is notoriously impossible to be described in words. It is a language  without them, but interestingly it has some aspects in common with visual arts. In the latter there are two important notions that also help us
understand Music . One of these notions is the  Architectural Sense. The other is that Beauty lies in Deviation from the Ideal. The Amount of this  Deviation is what separates the Sublime from the Ridiculous and the Bland. It is determined by the Personality of the Artist's, which completes this tripartite Equation. In this case it is Axel Wolf's personality. His sensitive/unsentimental, architectural/unsweetened,
contemplative/unpretty Archlute interpretation of 3 Lute suites of J.S.Bach reminded me of disapproving looks of Max Beckmann's selfportraits. 
Roman Turovsky, Lauteninfo No.2+/2004 of the German Lute Society

Lyriarte - Demanding
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 07.Mai 2004, Klaus Kalchschmid

With much emotion
Review in Magazin www.klassik.com Kritik von Johannes Kloth , 13.3.2004

With musical enthusiasm
»Crossing the Border«. Folk music and baroque flute music from Scotland, England and Ireland. Bryan Berryman (flutes), Axel Wolf (guitar, lute, theorbo), Eckhart Kuper (harpsichord).
Dabringhaus und Grimm (505 1127-2) (D2002 Vertrieb Naxos) CD
Erwin Hösi, Concerto 179 , December/January 2002/2003

Saxon Monteverdi
Heinrich Schütz: Musicalische Vesper ...
Collegium Cartusianum, directed by Peter Neumann

Concerto Juli/August 03

Chiaccona, early italian baroque music

...the solos are well played, with just the right amount of rhythmic freedom and a very good tone, and a very attractive degree of dynamic variation, and a general musical feeling. Axel Wolf´s playing is exemplary in the range of sounds he produces from his chitarrone ; and his performance ot the "battaglia" is wonderfully spirited, absolutely as the composer must have intended, evoking moments of pathos on the battlefield, and the distant echoing of trumpets, as well as roaring cannonades ... a very enjoyable recording.
Lute News
The Lute Society Magazine, April 2001

On the practical path:
Axel Wolf plays Bach

Deutsche Lautengesellschaft Bach, Lauteninfo No. 3/2000

Johann Sebastian Bach - Axel Wolf presented "Geistliche Abendmusik" of the master
Kreisstadt Echo, Bad Neuenahr, 1.3.2000

"Light, intimate, virtuose" -
Die Harke, Nienburger Zeitung, 29.11.00

"La Sfondrata" : A masterful  concert with aha-effect
DEWEZET, 27.3.00

"Petrified souls are made soft"
.Achimer Kreisblatt 8.9.1999

"Old bull Chitarrone"
Münstersche Zeitung, 16.6.99

"In subtle sound-spaces"
Heideneheimer Zeitung 23.9.97

"Music opens closed doors"
Göttinger Tageblatt 30.9.96

HAZ 4.4.95

"Matthew Passion with theatrical thunder"
Münstersche Zeitung, 24.3.95

"Sound becomes language"

Die Rheinpfalz - Ludwigshafener Rundschau 6.12.92